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Earn more from selling milk or fruit by producing ice cream on your farm

As a dairy farmer or fruit grower your source of income can be quite unstable. You are never sure how much milk your cows will give or how much fruit your orchard will yield. On top of that, rules and regulations are ever-changing, and the market does not stand still either. Thankfully there is a way in which you can somewhat stabilize your income: by starting to produce and sell ice cream from your own farm. It is also a great way to make more money with your milk or produce. Especially when you do so with the help of an experienced partner.

Partner up with an expert that has a solid business plan

The question remains though, where do you find a reliable business partner that helps you successfully produce and sell ice cream at your own farm. The answer to that question is simple: with the help of Ice Delite. This expert has come up with an innovative concept that allows dairy farmers and fruit growers to produce their well-known ice cream. You might have heard of it; it is Farmhouse Ice Cream. This ice cream is sold in many supermarkets and restaurants across Great Britain. It can also be bought at a variety of farms and other resellers. Getting in on this business model, means counting on a solid plan and a concept that has proven success.

Count on expert help

Would you like to start producing and selling ice cream on your own farm? Contact the experts at Ice Delite and inquire about the possibilities for your farm. Countless other farmers have made the step before you and have done so with success. You not only count on a solid business plan, but also on expert guidance along the way. From setting up the production facility on your farm to helping you with the sale of your ice cream: this expert is here to help.