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Find unique Wild West memorabilia here

We all know cowboys from the famous Wild West movies. However, they were real people who lived in the western part of the United States centuries ago. This means it’s possible to collect artifacts that once belonged to real cowboys. But how do you find such authentic Wild West memorabilia? Wild West Treasures is the website for Wild West lovers who want to collect objects that come from this time period. You will find a huge range of memorabilia here, from miniature figures to firearms that used to belong to important people in the Old West.

The most unique memorabilia from the Wild West

Are you looking for an extremely long hunting knife from the 18th century? Is a Springfield rifle from the 20th century more your thing? Or would you maybe even like a bronze dagger from the seventh century B.C.? These are only examples of the various items this online store offers you. Based in Belgium, they travel the entire world to find the best and most unique Wild West memorabilia at weapon fairs. This way, they ensure Wild West lovers can put a unique collection of artifacts on display at their home. Even though most of their collection consists of (disabled) firearms, it isn’t limited to that. For example, they also sell miniature figures and accessories that belong to firearms. In other words, you can really find everything that belongs to the Old West here.

Purchase your favourite memorabilia quickly

If you want to know the price of one of the Wild West memorabilia on this website, please contact the owners. The price depends on the condition and the uniqueness of the piece. Are you looking for a specific item that isn’t available on their website currently? New items are added to their collection weekly, so make sure to keep an eye on their website.