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300 Players Against FIFA 21 For Their Image Rights

It is not the year of EA Sports and FIFA 21. Surely, 2020 is not anyone’s year after everything that happened, but it is clear that for the video game producer it is not even close to being a good course. To the numerous and verifiable criticisms received by the game this year, whose playability seems less understandable than ever, now there is a process that could reach the courts against its use of images to which they do not have rights.


Everything was blown up last week when Zlatan Ibrahimovic confessed on his personal Twitter account his outrage at how EA Sports used his face and name to earn money despite not having the rights to his image.


This rebellion has been joined by other visible faces of the international football elite. According to Mino Raiola, the footballer’s agent who seems to be leading the entire process, Gareth Bale and another 300 footballers have joined the movement. In statements granted to The Telegraph, the shark of the contracts of ErlingHalaand and Paul Pogba among others confirmed everything that will come against EA Sports and FIFA 21.


These were his words: “This is the beginning of something new, a revolution that will rewrite the system. It’s not just Zlatan or Gareth Bale anymore. We have around 300 player requests. We will go all the way, if necessary, against FIFA and FifPro and all those who sell rights that they don’t have. If EA Sports wants to continue doing business as it is now, we will take them to court, but not only that: we will denounce anyone who sells rights that do not belong to them. If it is FifPro, FifPro; if it’s FIFA, FIFA. Those rights belong to the players.”


It refers to the FédérationInternationale des Associations de Footballers Professionnels, known as FIFPro, a macro-organization in which 40 national associations of footballers from around the world are registered, providing legal coverage to more than 38,000 professional footballers. FIFPro’s mission is to act as a unified union of world soccer professionals and, theoretically, look after their physical interests (injuries, calendar requirements, etc.) and economic (negotiations of collective agreements, advice to manage the income accumulated during his career).


FIFPro defends itself against criticism from Ibrahimovic and the more than 300 footballers who have joined it, arguing that all their income is shared fairly. “Associations decide how best to use the profits generated, either by distributing the funds directly to players or by providing services such as legal advice, second race planning [after football], or mental and psychological support. FIFPro is reaching out to the players and their representatives who have recently expressed concerns so that we can answer their questions.”


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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)