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What does a budget hotel offer?

Before I go into further detail, writing about what you can expect when booking at a budget hotel, it must be established, that there is no international award system, for hotels stars. Therefore, it is obvious, that the star ranking differs between different countries. For example, if you book a 5-star hotel in Portugal it might not provide the same standard as a 5-star hotel in Germany. To confuse matters even further, countries like Norway or Finland do not have a mandatory classification at all.

The hospitality branch is aware of those differences. Some countries have come together, joining the Hotel Stars Union (HSU). They are working on a unified ranking system which will apply to all hotels joining the HSU, beginning with 2020. The HSU developed a 270-point system; joining the union is free of costs and voluntarily. However, that is still three years in the future.

To qualify as a hotel, it has to meet the requirements for all standard amenities, however, at a much lesser price than you would pay for a 5-star hotel. Budget hotels are great for families, young people or short holidays. They are not equipped for business gatherings. In general, budget hotels are smaller and do not provide conference or meeting rooms.

Of course, with a budget hotel, it is the same as with any other hotel. The service you receive depends very much on the general running of the hotel. No matter where you book, a little research, reading reviews from other customers as well as talking to people who booked here already will help you greatly to find a suitable low-cost hotel.


What do the amenities in a budget hotel include?

From a budget hotel, you can expect a daily room service, heater and air conditioning, a broadband connection, a doctor on call; if needed a pick & drop facility, coffee and tea. Also, but not commonly available, they may provide a phone, a mini bar or maybe a common room.

What do you have to look out for when booking a budget hotel?

One of the most important points when booking a budget hotel is safety. Make sure it is located in a safe area, is well lit and preferable has additional surveillance cameras. Trying to save money for your safety could become expensive.

You are booking a budget hotel. This means you will not expect the same luxury as in a 5-star hotel. However, cleanliness is a must. Make sure there is no dirt, it is not smelly or mouldy; do not forget to check the mattresses.

A good budget hotel should be so located that you have easy and affordable access to public transport. Preferably within walking distance.

As already mentioned above, breakfast and internet access is essential. Free breakfast is definitely healthy for your budget. If you make some adjustments to your eating preferences, you might be able to save money on lunch and have a hefty dinner instead.

Travelling on a budget does not just saving money, it also gives you much flexibility and is fun at the same time.