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This is what you need to know if you are looking for a house in the Netherlands

 Do you want to study in the Netherlands or are you moving to our country for work? Then it is wise that you know who to approach and where to look to find a home. Moving abroad is not an easy thing to do. That is why we help you set priorities. Read on because in this blog you we will let you know.


List your requirements 

First thing first, before you move to the Netherlands, it is important that you have listed a number of things first. For example, what is your budget? Are you studying and need to keep costs low? Then it is important that you look for a studio or student house instead of a high-quality apartment. Or are you looking for a job and do you have more income? Second, it is important that you prioritize a certain area or city. Where do you want to follow your studies, or in which city is it best to find a job that meets your wishes? Do you want to go to the capital or to the port city and buy a house in rotterdam? 


Join Facebook groups  

All major cities in the Netherlands have their own Facebook-related group, where supply and demand are combined. On these kinds of pages, you can search for houses, studios or apartments, but you can also put them online yourself. It is an easy way for students to get a house, because there is often a third person needed.   


Approach a real estate agent

For example, a real estate agent can help you on your way with a house that you are looking for. He can find a match based on your list of requirements. Do you have a political background and are you planning to move to The Hague? Then it is not unwise to approach a real estate agent in The Hague. But what can you expect from a broker? It is known that the cost of a broker isn’t cheap. So be well informed in advance with a real estate agent den haag who will help you during the search process for a home. 







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