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Protect your workers and customers against corona with oilcloth



Oilcloth against corona virus


The whole of Europe is burdened by the corona virus. What started a few months ago in China has already caused many victims in Europe. Many experts say this is just the beginning. So it is a fearful situation in which no one knows what exactly awaits us. When we see the images of Italy you want nothing more than to go into hiding. It is very frightening and especially for older people, who are often more severely affected by this epidemic. People should stay at home as much as possible so that they cannot spread the corona virus further. But people also have to eat. And so there must be a safe option to do some shopping at the supermarket. Store try to disinfect shopping carts and pin devices as much as possible. People wear mouth masks and keep their distance from each other. In the Netherlands, a company came up with the idea of ​​protecting the cash register employees and customers by using transparent oilcloth at checkout counters. People cannot infect each other with a tablecloth between the cashier and the customer. Because the sail is transparent, people can just see each other and you can also just talk to each other. Of course you have to speak a little louder. But the transparent oilcloth is also not so thick that no sound comes through. With a wide strip of oilcloth that you can run down from the ceiling, you protect both your own staff and your customers. It may look a little less professional. But today nothing is more important than protection. And your customers will understand it. Is your company still open and do you also want to protect your staff and customers against corona? Then order transparent oilcloth from this store in the Netherlands. They ship their oilcloth to all locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: