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Make sure your work floor is cable safe

In this article, we explain why cable management in workshops is really essential to ensure the safety of your staff. If anything should be your absolute priority, it is the safety of your employees. You probably do not want to imagine what will happen if an employee stumbles over a loose cable and not only falls, but also the expensive machines that the cables are attached to. The company ISP has some interesting solutions that you can use. With their safety hooks you can easily create a cable safe environment. Read on and find out even more about the possibilities.

A cable safe work environment thanks to this company

As we mentioned earlier, safety hooks are the solution to your cable clutter. The hooks have space for the cables. This way, they are no longer lying around on the floor, waiting for someone to trip over them. Buying new cables is more expensive than you might think. And that is a shame, especially if it is unnecessary. Cables that are lying around generally have a much shorter lifespan than cables that are neatly tucked away. Consider this: a cable that is stepped on by dozens of people every day has a much shorter lifespan than a cable that is neatly tucked away with safe safety hooks.

Ask for the help of a specialist

All types of workplaces are at risk of cable clutter. When equipment and machines are moved or added to the environment, it can be easy to leave cables lying around across walkways or other high-traffic areas. Instead, move the cables and secure them to walls or ceilings, or place special safety covers over outside cables to reduce the risk of an accident. Get help from a specialist, such as ISP, to help you make your workplace cable safe.