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Choose a reliable partner for car import from the USA

Perhaps you’ve come across a favourite you’d very much like to own while abroad – in the USA, for instance. Now you’d like to import the car, but feel you require help from a professional partner to arrange the process in an orderly fashion. For the foremost car import partner you need look no further than Marlog Car Handling. Their experts will move heaven and earth to make sure you receive your unique car in a rapid and orderly fashion. For instance, when you want to import a car from the USA, the entire process must be managed carefully to ensure it runs smoothly and does not incur avoidable delays. Even if you’ve managed to arrange the import clearance yourself, you will still require a logistics expert to complete the import process through the arrangement of transportation. Marlog Car Handling’s experts are equipped with all necessary knowledge and experience to accomplish these tasks for you in a timely and exacting manner.

Up-to-date knowledge regarding import legislations; an essential hallmark

Since its founding in 2000, Marlog Car Handling has accumulated a great deal of experience in the car trading field. This company knows all too well that up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing import legislations is key. Thus they strive to stay abreast of such changes, allowing them to circumvent various hurdles during the import process on your behalf, reducing any delays to a minimum. The specialists working at this company are well-versed in the import regulations of such locations as the USA, Japan and various other Asian countries. Marlog Car Handling offers you the option to completely outsource the import of your car, or instead relinquish control only in certain phases of the import process. In any case, nothing would please them more than to provide you with appropriate information and advice to ensure your car import from the USA is successful.

An extensive car trading network working for you

Over the years, Marlog Car Handling has expanded to become one of the foremost importers in all of Europe. Having built an extensive global network for car trading, their specialists have fostered many rewarding partnerships with foreign companies in the self-same field. This network is one of cooperation, where all parties work together to ensure every client receives the most cost-effective solution. Also among the core values of Marlog Car Handling are ensuring the security and safety of their clients’ shipments. This comprises sequential transport, reputable pick-up and shipping services and always-accurate paperwork. If you are interested in importing a car from the USA, reach out to Marlog Car Handling!

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