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Affordable prices for the widely used double A battery

The double A battery is also known as a Mignon battery or an LR6. It is used in many household applications such as tv remotes, kitchen scales, electrical toothbrushes, alarm clocks and toys. In short, it is indispensable in every household and it is therefore advised to have some batteries on stock at all times. You never know when you might need them! The same holds for companies, where a double A battery is often used in a computer mouse or keyboard. Rather important for your staff to work hard.

Different pack sizes available for every budget

The employees at 100%PeakPower recognise the importance of having reliable and portable energy sources in your daily life. This is the main reason they have developed batteries with a reliable and long-lasting power that always provides you with excellence performance. One of the main advantages when buying a double A battery from 100%PeakPower is that it has a 5-year energy storage. This means that buying the double A battery in bulk is more advantageous than ordering small quantities. If you are looking for a double A battery at competitive prices, then order your packages from 100%PeakPower. There are different pack sizes available against affordable prices, with a great advantage: the larger the packaging, the cheaper the price per battery. The four different pack sizes are:

  • 4-pack (£0.62 per battery)
  • 20-pack (£0.30 per battery)
  • 40-pack (£0.22 per battery)
  • 100-pack (£0.15 per battery)

Order your battery packs online

Never be faced with upset children about non-working toys or keyboards that do not react if you run out of batteries. With the affordable advantage packs from 100%PeakPower you are assured of batteries and portable energy at all times. Deliveries above £15 are delivered free. If you order before 3 PM, orders will be at your doorstep the next day. Don’t wait too long with ordering your battery packs!