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Fashion and Clothing

Update your style with fashionable skull clothing

Buying new clothes is a fun activity. Most people go to their favorite stores and always buy from the same brands. But do you want to discover something new? Want to try a new, exclusive brand that has unique fashion items? Take a look at the collection of Black and Gold. They will definitely surprise you with their sugar skull clothing. Their collection is full of colorful clothing, adorned with the skull that is central to the Black and Gold name. But why do they have Mexican sugar skulls on their clothing?

The Mexican tradition ‘Día de los Muertos’ as an inspiration for clothes

Black and Gold is a fashion brand established in Belgium, where they have been creating unique clothing, adorned with the famous Mexican sugar skulls. And there is a whole story behind it! The founders of Black and Gold were traveling through Latin America and found their inspiration in Mexico. They were moved by the Mexican tradition of ‘Día de los Muertos’. This is a ritual that honors the deceased and uses skulls as a representation of love and joy. They choose to use the skull as a key element in their brand image and as a symbol of energy, passion and exuberance. They have created fashion items that are a celebration of life and truly embody a sense of who you really want to be with their sugar skull clothing.

Discover the complete men’s and women’s fashion line

Are you looking for exclusive woman or men’s clothing? Take a look at their collection and discover all the fashionable sugar skull clothing they have for sale. They have new styles available every three months. Therefore you can always count on fresh and new fashion items. It does not matter where you live, because you the products in their web shop can be shipped internationally. The Mexican sugar skulls on their cool clothing will surely excite anyone to become part of the Black and Gold celebration!