Underfloor heating for your house?

If you are looking for a new heating system for your house, you should be looking at the newest underfloor heating systems currently available on the market in Scotland today. Underfloor heating systems are not only for newly build homes but also for existing homes that need upgrading. In fact there are more underfloor heating systems fitted in existing homes these days then in new properties. 


Underfloor heating in existing properties


In existing properties the potential thickness of an underfloor heating system is not taken into account when the property was build. This can cause a problem when the ceiling height is already low, like in many houses build in Scotland between the 1960’s en 2000. Also the weight of a screeded underfloor heating system may cause a problem in the same houses or old Victorian properties with wooden floors.


For these type of properties there are a number of specialised underfloor heating systems available:

    • Floating floor systems: which can be laid directly onto the floor surface below


    • Low Profile systems: can be laid onto a solid floor surface with minimal floor build-up


    • Specialist systems: cater for specific requirements such as structural floor areas and raised access floors

Recently introduced to the Scottish market is the thinnest underfloor heating system available to date: 



(low profile 25mm screeded underfloor heating system)


This is the low profile variant of the usual 17mm Ambiente Underfloor Heating pipe that is popular with installers, but then in a 12mm format. The heating pipes are laid in sturdy castellated plastic panels that will then be screeded. The total thickness of the system is only 25mm and also much lighter than the conventional 40MM system.


The benefits of underfloor heating 


If you came down to this paragraph, then you will probably be aware already with the advantages that aq underfloor heating system gives you, but just to be sure we will highlight a few of them here:

    • unsurpassed comfort levels, no cold spots, draughts and dust movements


    • no radiators that stand in the way of furniture or limit the interior design in any other way


    • economical: the systems runs with much lower temperatures that conventional systems and therefore uses less energy for higher levels of comfort


    • sustainable if combined with renewable energy sources


Underfloorheating Scotland


In Scotland, Incognito Heat Co has been supplying and fitting underfloor heating systems for over 10 years. The company has grown and professionalised over the years and is now recognised as one of the quality suppliers and fitters of underfloor heating systems in Scotland and the North of England. 


More information can be found using the link below.