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The A&E of acoustics in offices

With the disappearance of the cell structure in offices many companies strugle with bad acoustics …
by taking out the walls the sound barrier has disappeared as well.
A large part of this noise is easily remedied by placing the right elements in the space.
How the acoustics can be enhanced greatly, can be read here!

More and more companies work in a single open space, the so-called open-plan office, whereby the hierarchy between the colleagues is reduced, but above all to facilitate communication between the employees. This can also mean that there are multiple departments working together in the same room, and that multiple activities take place in one space. Background noise can negatively affect the working environment and in particular the ability to concentrate, whereby the performance and productivity will decrease.
Are you struggling with noise or bad acoustics in the office? With these solutions from Office Furniture Glasgow it will be a thing of the past!

Acoustic panels

Placing acoustic panels, the simplest way to improve the acoustics fast and functional. These can be perforated, compressed or padded elements, in the form of horizontal and vertical ceiling panels and wall panels.
The panels can be carried out in very basic materials, painted in bright colors and become real eye-catcher. Think of panels in particular forms or wall panels with photo print.

Acoustic partitioning

To reduce noise locally it is very useful to place acoustic dividing walls between the workstations. These partitions can be fitted between the sides and ends of the workstations.  In addition to noise reduction, it provides also more privacy.
Of course these separation panels also improve the overall acoustics in the space. These partition walls can be supplied in a variety of fabrics, colors and sizes, making the space look much more appealing.

Acoustic furniture

You see them more and more often: furniture that is designed not only to be practical practical, but also greatly improve the acoustics and the general look and feel of the office interior design. These include acoustic cabinets, acoustic benches with extra high handrails, acoustic armchairs and booths for making phoncalls, planters, literature holders etc. Beside that these furnishings are functional, they look very nice, often also by their beautiful design and colors.

Floor and wall finish

If acoustic elements dont bring the acoustics at the desired level,you can look at the finish of the floor and ceiling. By placing carpeted floors and an acoustic system ceiling you will significantly improve the acoustics, however this will be a hefty investment.

It is important to let an acoustic expert analyze the situation and come up with a plan. With all these acoustic solutions McKellar can serve you. If you are experiencing noise in your office and would you free advice? We will be happy to help you!

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