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Powder flowability and catalyst characterisation: An analysis by Solids Solutions

In the world of materials science and chemical engineering, the properties of powders and catalysts are crucial for numerous applications ranging from pharmaceutical production to energy conversion. Solids Solutions, a leading research institute based in Delft, has developed deep expertise in characterising these materials, with a particular focus on powder flowability and catalyst characterisation. In this analysis, we explore the methods and findings of their research in these areas.

Powder flowability: fundamentals and analysis

The flowability of powder, or their ability to flow under the influence of gravity, is a crucial property in various industrial processes, such as powder processing and dosing. Solids Solutions has developed a range of advanced instruments and methods to accurately characterise this property. Using equipment such as a Hall flowmeter and a shear cell tester, they can quantify and analyse the flow properties of powders under different conditions, such as pressure and humidity.

Their research has shown that factors such as particle size, shape and surface properties significantly affect the flowability of powders. By understanding these factors, industries can develop optimisation strategies to improve processing performance and reduce production costs.

Catalyst characterisation: Crucial for chemical reactions

Catalysts play a vital role in chemical reactions by increasing the reaction rate and improving the selectivity of desired products. Solids Solutions has conducted extensive research on catalyst characterisation to understand their structure, composition and activity. Using techniques such as X-ray diffraction (XRD), surface analysis and kinetic studies, they can understand the reaction mechanisms and optimise the performance of catalysts.

Their research has shown that the morphology of catalysts, including their surface properties and porosity, is vital for catalytic activity. By applying advanced characterisation techniques, they can unravel the structure-activity relationships and design catalysts tailored for specific applications, ranging from the production of clean fuels to the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.


Solids Solutions’ research on powder flowability and catalyst characterisation plays an essential role in various industrial sectors. By applying advanced tools and methods, they provide valuable insights that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of material processing and chemical reactions. Their ongoing commitment to innovation and accuracy has established them as an authority in the field of materials characterisation, continuing to contribute to the advancement of science and technology.