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Discover all the benefits if you choose this aeromedical center for your examination

As a pilot, it is mandatory to undergo a medical examination regularly. At Sky Medical Center in Eindhoven, they perform these medical examinations for pilots, but also for cabin crew and other aviation personnel. They offer various medical exams, such as EASA Class 1, 2, LAPL and other examinations. Whether you are taking your initial medical exam or a renewal, the experts from this aeromedical center are happy to help you.

The advantages of this specialised center

Sky Medical Center offers many benefits if you choose to undergo your medical examination there. They perform the medical examinations at the sharpest rates and they offer easy payment via debit or credit card. They work very fast; if you call them today for an appointment, they can often schedule an examination the same day or evening. Once you are approved, you will receive your medical certificate within the same day, so you will be cleared to fly very soon. This aeromedical center is situated at Eindhoven Airport, which makes it very accessible and you can even park in front of their door. They perform all aeromedical examinations, so whether you are a pilot or other aviation personnel, they can always help you. Would you like to take your medical examination as soon as possible? Then this is the perfect specialised center for you. Contact them to make an appointment today!

Schedule your medical examination as soon as possible

Are you looking for a professional aeromedical center where you can undergo your medical examination? Sky Medical Center carries out all sorts of aeromedical examinations at the best prices. Do you have any questions about the examinations, the prices or about the medical certificate? Contact them and the friendly employees will be happy to answer all your questions. Make an appointment today and they will schedule an examination as soon as possible!