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Craft enterprises are becoming increasingly digital – focus on efficiency and costs

The digital age offers many new opportunities that have yet to be discovered. Craftsmen are also benefiting greatly from digitization, enabling them to use simple but useful IT solutions in their day-to-day work. However, this requires a good IT infrastructure that is also secure. This quickly leads to high costs that a small or medium-sized company cannot afford. A simple solution, and therefore obvious, is the cloud! In a digital “cloud” allows the use of applications and data without the need to run their own servers in the office in the background. The cloud servers are operated externally by a provider and the craftsman only has access to the pre-installed applications such as his WinWorker or Labelwin and his stored data.


Advantages of cloud computing

Anyone who knows a bit about IT quickly notices the high costs of having their own IT infrastructure with their own servers. This is because there is more to a complete IT infrastructure than just the hardware. Both the IT security and the costs for the ongoing and complex support of the many systems are nevertheless extremely high. In this case, it makes sense to use systems that have been developed and installed by professionals and can therefore offer the necessary security in every respect. Cloud services follow exactly this way of thinking. Companies from all industries can access the services of providers. This saves companies high costs and at the same time allows them to take advantage of all the benefits of digitization. Risks are also externalized. Both in the area of data security (DSGVO) and in the area of IT security, the risks for the craftsman and his company are quite high. It’s good if he can then count on a provider who knows his stuff and is then also inexpensive. But the advantages of a cloud are not just limited to the costs. Services such as OneDrive and other solutions enable significant performance improvements in almost all business areas. These services offer much more security, the latest server technology and allow the data to be processed there at maximum speed.


Increased efficiency through cloud deployment in your enterprise.

In the past, a simple order involved a lot of paper. The various documents had to be created, filled out, printed, filed and archived. Nothing has changed in this regard to this day, except that we no longer necessarily need the paper for this. With the help of digital forms, employees can access the documents from anywhere, edit them or simply make them available to the customer. For the tradesman, this is not only one of the most valuable benefits of using secure cloud for business. What is then still comprehensible for simple documents, however, is then also true for elaborate and complex software. This means that the entire accounting and of course still the planning of the individual trades or the working hours can now finally be done completely digitally. Thanks to the possibility of networking, many work steps can now be carried out more quickly. The craftsmen thus determine for themselves to what extent they want to use the offers and solutions as well as the server technology of the various providers.

Providers from Germany for companies

In Germany, there are special regulations on data protection. This has been the case throughout the EU since 2016, and data protection is particularly important for companies. In other countries in the world do not have such strict data protection regulations as the EU and Germany in particular (BDSG). This is an important point for companies, as many well-known providers of Business Cloud solutions and servers still come from America or other non-European countries. However, different legal frameworks apply there, which are not transferable to consumers from the EU or Germany. However, data security is crucial and must be guaranteed at all times. Only in this way can efficiency with digitization bring its maximum benefits and be a helpful added value for the craftsman and his company. Fortunately, there are now many great alternatives on the market. So there are enough chances that you can manage your data digitally with the help of providers and solutions from an EU or German provider and then work with it.